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The I Ching (Iching, or i ching)
Is more than a guesswork

The online I Ching does not predict the future...
Based on the present and on your questions, the Yi Jin gives you indications about the future of your projects and how to get the success.

Back several millennia, this chinese science is based on the superposition of 2 out of 8 traditional trigrams symbols.
This combination gives the countless responses of I Ching : The book of changes.

The draw of I Ching is traditionally performed by the jet of 3 coins or drawing sticks focusing attention on the question. Here we use the same method Yi-Jin simplified. Online I ching advises you at every stage of your life

Ask I Ching 
as many questions as necessary.

Each time the answer will be different,
As your life…


Love, sex, employment, travel, health, luck, work, money, family, money-game, change... 
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Iching Interpretation
The I ching will give you advice!

Find the I ching hexagram that answer to your question.

To consult I Ching, focus on the advice you need or your question.

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