IChing Hexagram 59
渙 Huàn: The dispersion

The upper trigram: 巽 Xùn (Wind, softness)
The lower trigram: 坎 Kǎn (Water, unfathomable, danger)

Reap the fruit of labor and generosity!
You borrow an ambiguous way:
sow or scatter?
Depending on the choices you make with the help of your family, after separation comes success (the meeting) or the mess (break).

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Online I Ching interpretation : 


There is a shared victory!

Picto love, online I Ching readingSENTIMENTAL life:
You are separated by events. Only the generous act will bring you together.

  Picto work, online IChing reading PROFESSIONAL life:
Review your way to work. Values your employees..

Picto change, IChing online readingCHANGE:
Be happy if the benefit is collective..

Picto health, I Ching online readingHEALTH:
Take a break.