IChing Hexagram 43
夬 Guài: Energetic decision

The upper trigram: 兌 Duì (The lake, Joy)
The lower trigram: 乾 Qián (The sky, the creator)

Consider the situation without passion!
You should be voluntary for drastic action to end the rivalry. You will do away with this and those that inhibit your success, without crushing the weak.

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Online I Ching interpretation : 


Take necessary measures!

Picto love, online I Ching readingSENTIMENTAL life:
You make the decisions that put an end to the problems of the couple.

  Picto work, online IChing reading PROFESSIONAL life :
If you need to create your business, do it, if not, reset your territory.

Picto change, IChing online readingCHANGE :
They will bring you satisfaction.

Picto health, I Ching online readingHEALTH :
If your illness drags on, see another doctor.