IChing Hexagram 41
損 Sǔn: The decay

The upper trigram: 艮 Gèn (The mountain, immobility)
The lower trigram: 兌 Duì (The lake, Joy)

Bend but do not break!
Momentary troubles that allow you to bounce back. Accept this natural decline in cyclical regime during which you gather your strength before the explosion.

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Online I Ching interpretation : 

No, but...

A little bit of fatigue on all fronts!

Picto love, online I Ching readingSENTIMENTAL life:
Temporary Out..

  Picto work, online IChing reading PROFESSIONAL life :
You will face setbacks..

Picto change, IChing online readingCHANGE :
You will not find financial benefits.

Picto health, I Ching online readingHEALTH :
Decreas of your energy... Rest and take care of yourself.