IChing Hexagram 28
大過 Dà guò: Self overflow

The upper tigram: 坎 Kǎn (Water, unfathomable
The lower trigram:
巽 Xùn (Wind, softness)

Do the job!
If you undertake, give yourself the tools to succeed.
Do not hesitate, you'll have to keep your project with all your energy, you'll have to go beyond yourself.

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Online I Ching interpretation : 

Picto more Yes, online I Ching reading Yes but...

Stay clear about the goal!

Picto love, online I Ching readingSENTIMENTAL life:
Difficult period and disagreement.

  Picto work, online IChing reading PROFESSIONAL life:
Keep your goal prominently, reach it but do not aim higher right now.

Picto change, IChing online readingCHANGE:
Accept with caution but do not ask too much.

Picto health, I Ching online readingHEALTH:
Stay reasonable.