IChing Hexagram 22
The shape, classification

The upper tigram: 艮 Gèn (The mountain, immobility)
The lower trigram:
離 Lí (Fire, the attachment)

Dare achievable goals!
The order, seduction, appearance plays a large role in the small victories of the everyday.
The franchise will help these successes as projects remain modest.

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Online I Ching interpretation : 

Picto more Yes, online I Ching reading Yes but...

Wease ... but do not change the goal!

Picto love, online I Ching readingSENTIMENTAL life:
Stay in a free union, there is no time to bind.

  Picto work, online IChing reading PROFESSIONAL life:
Seekiing a way to turn it without making upheaval.

Picto change, IChing online readingCHANGE:
Take advantage of this lull.

Picto health, I Ching online readingHEALTH:
Take a break and have a checkup.